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Welcome to e-filing with NorCal Courier & Legal Services. The San Francisco Superior Court has mandated e-filing for General Civil Cases beginning December 8, 2014 (click here to view mandate) and NORCAL has been specially selected as a court-approved e-filing service provider. Some filings are excluded from this mandate (view exclusions) & our skilled court runners are ready to help! (court services)

We have been serving process in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area for 20 years and ALL of our employees are Registered Process Servers with a thorough first-hand knowledge of the in’s and out’s of the San Francisco Court system. We have always offered white-glove service to our clients and hope to make you feel at home with us as we help you settle into this new era of litigation.

To download our current fee schedule for e-filing please click below.


To open up a new account with us please fill out this new client agreement.

For existing clients, please sign and return this form.

Once we have you entered you into our system all you need to do is email your pleadings to:


1) Please send your pleadings in the following formats:
       -Word/Word Perfect (important note: the court requires all        Proposed Orders to be submitted in a writable format)

2) Each document must be received as a separate attachment.

3) Each attachment must be 5MB (5 MEGABYTES) MAXIMUM
       -best if scanned as 300dpi /black and white

4) If a document is larger than 5MB, then it needs to be broken down    into parts, each with a separate “file-stamp-able” caption page.

5) Motions and other pleadings that require a Court Reporter fee must    be accompanied by a “Notice of Payment of Court Reporter Fees”    caption page.

6) Alert us of HEARING DATES or if your client has a FEE WAIVER and    give us the date it was filed so that we may alert the clerk! This    way you can avoid any erroneously charged fees.

Of course you can always call us @ 415-850-9308 and we will do our best to help you with any questions and concerns you have.

Thanks again for using NorCal!